VanVelzen @ Bevrijdingsfestival Wageningen 2008


Sorry for the delay on this one! Check out the last of the pictures from the Bevrijdingsfestival 2008 by clicking the image!

VanVelzen was one of the “Ambassadors of Freedom” and was the last act of the day at the Bevrijdingsfestival. Being the ambassador, VanVelzen had a special act where dozens of balloons were let up into the sky: a very cool sight! Immediately after, a good performance of “Baby Get Higher” followed during which flamethrowers were set off, providing a real spectacle!

Gear & Shooting Notes

Like at Che Sudaka stage lights provided all of the available light, making shooting at ISO3200 a necessity to obtain high enough shutterspeeds to capture the performance without blur. Having shot VanVelzen before, I anticipated trouble with the tour manager, since last time I was asked to shoot only for 3 songs and only from the sides of the stage. Fortunately this time there were no such restrictions! Apart from almost getting my eyebrows burned off by the flamethrowers, I had no problems ;)

As mentioned before, this was the last of the galleries from the Bevrijdingsfestival! I hope you enjoyed the photos and keep visiting for news about upcoming shows!

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