Gabriel Rios @ Bevrijdingsfestival Wageningen 2008

Gabriel Rios

Gabriel Rios was, for me, the headliner of the festival and with some awesome stage lighting, created an interesting photo op.

Gear & Shooting Notes:

As you probably noticed from the photos, the smoke machine got used a lot during this set ;) This made for some pretty pictures, like the one above, but also made getting a good shot harder. On several occasions I found myself waiting for the smoke to clear, to be able to take a shot.

Since the sun was setting during the set, I had to change my ISO from 800 in the beginning to 1600, as it began to get darker outside. Shutterspeeds varied from 1/100th to 1/250th of a second.
I switched between the 70-200 for some nice close-ups of Gabriel and the rest of the band at the back of the stage, and the 14-24 for some overview and full body shots.

I particularly enjoyed this set for the cool stage lighting combined with the smoke, which made for some nice shots!

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