Che Sudaka @ Bevrijdingsfestival Wageningen 2008

Che Sudaka

Che Sudaka gave an absolutely brilliant high-energy performance, check out the gallery NOW!

The band pack their protest nature in their lyrics with an extremely energetic performance. They cover immigration issues, social inequalities, and war in a variety of languages, like Spanish, Catalan, Portugese, English and French. That sound confusing? It was… But the confronting lyrics together with the action-rich performance delivered a punch that was very hard to dodge!

Gear & Shooting Notes:

Shooting conditions were hard, since security at the stage was tight. Getting good shots with the wide-angle wasn’t easy: the stage was high, security personnel in front of the stage, flame throwers (!) and monitors on stage all made it hard to get a clear shot. Though with an action packed bunch like these, approaching the edges of the stage and standing on monitors all the time, it was essential to get some good wide shots and I’m very happy with the results I got.. Needless to say, the 14-24 got a good workout ;)

Exposure settings ranged from 1/160th to 1/320th in shutterspeed, while ISO was fixed at 3200. The high ISO was a must, since the bandmembers were moving all the time and I needed the high shutterspeed to freeze their motion. Aperture was constantly at f/2.8. I used the 70-200 to get some close-up views, but the 14-24 ruled at a 1:5 ratio :)

These were without a doubt the most difficult conditions I’ve had to deal with so far, but the experience was also definitely the most fun AND rewarding one of all!

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